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Following are answers to many travel insurance questions commonly asked. If you have any additional questions, give us a call at 1-888-420-5378. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you!

Program Protection insurance is a package of benefits and services designed to protect you in three ways: 1) to reimburse you for your financial investment (ie. the cost of your program arrangements) should a variety of unforeseen reasons force you to cancel or interrupt your program or delay you while traveling; 2) most importantly, to protect you against the costs incurred during your program for medical expenses, a medical evacuation, services to assist you in an emergency situation; and 3) to protect against loss, damage or destruction of your personal belongings.

Some things are beyond our control. Program Protection insurance provides coverage for: Program Cancellation or Interruption; Medical Emergencies; Baggage (loss, damage or delay) or Program Delay and much more.

Our plans include a 24- Hour Non-Insurance Assistance Services to help you in emergency situations and we also include a service to register your important medical information which then can be accessed should the need arise during your trip.

Remember, many of your program arrangements may be either non-refundable or subject to strict cancellation penalties. The lowest cost airfares, cruise and land packages generally include significant penalties if you are unable to actually take your trip.

Important Tip! Many people forget that programs may be canceled or interrupted due to injuries or illnesses of family members who often are not even traveling: such as parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, aunts and uncles. Remember, program protection not only covers you (subject to the terms of the plan) if you need to cancel your program due to sickness or injury but also can cover you if you need to cancel your trip due to the sickness or injury of any of these close family members.

While there are many covered reasons for Program Cancellation, some reasons just aren’t covered. Changing your mind and discretionary reasons, for example.

With Cancel for Any Reason the freedom to cancel is yours and yours alone, provided you cancel two days or more before your scheduled departure date and have insured 100% of the cost of all of your program arrangements subject to penalties or restrictions and purchased your plan with or before your final payment for your trip. This benefit reimburses you up to 65% of the cancellation penalty amount that applies to your program arrangements. Of course, when canceling for a covered reason, you are reimbursed for 100% of the cancellation penalty amount that applies to your program arrangements.

Important Tip! Remember, like other time sensitive provisions, you must purchase Cancel for Any Reason with or before final payment of your trip to be eligible for coverage. Unlike covered reasons, such as sickness or injury, you do not receive 100%.

Always insure the full cost of your non-refundable air, land or cruise program arrangements. For example, many first class airline tickets, and some business class tickets are fully refundable and fully refundable arrangements need not be insured. Only buy program protection insurance for those prepaid travel arrangements that are non-refundable. Frequent traveler awards, early purchase discount vouchers or credits, etc, generally are not insurable as they have no cash redemption value.

Important Tip! Insure the full cost of all prepaid, non-refundable program arrangements, to ensure you obtain the best coverage possible.

When to buy your insurance is a very important decision. We recommend purchasing your program protection insurance when booking your trip. Why? Most travel insurance plans contain time sensitive provisions which broaden coverage when you purchase the insurance in a timely manner. For example, all A+ plans have a time sensitive period to obtain full coverage. This provision applies to the waiving of Pre-Existing Conditions, and the Cancel for Any Reason Benefit (Preferred Plus). To obtain these benefits, the program protection plan must be purchased with or before final payment for the program.

Program Cancellation coverage begins the 12:01 a.m. day after your payment for the plan is received. For most other benefits, coverage begins when you depart on your first travel arrangement to reach your program destination.

A pre-existing medical condition is a sickness, injury or other medical condition during the 60 days immediately prior to the date your coverage is effective for which a person receives (or receives a recommendation for) a test, examination, or medical treatment for a condition which first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment. Conditions (during this same 60 day period) for which a person takes or receives a prescription for drugs or medicine are also considered to be Pre-Existing Conditions. However, a condition that is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine is not considered to be a Pre-Existing Conditions if the condition remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60 day period before coverage is effective.

Program Protection insurance does not cover frequent flyer points since they have no cash redemption value.

The Missed Connection benefit provides reimbursement (up to the plan limit) for the additional transportation costs to join your program, and for any unused portion of prepaid land or water program arrangements, if you miss your tour or cruise departure because your arrival at your program destination is delayed 3 hours or more due to: 1) any delay of a common carrier; 2) a documented weather condition prevented you from getting to the point of departure; or 3) quarantine, hijacking, strike, natural disaster, terrorism or riot.

Under the Travel Delay Benefit, you can be reimbursed (up to the plan limit), for meals reasonable accommodation and local transportation expenses if you are delayed beyond a minimum required time while en route to, from or during your program due to a covered reason such as a delay of a Common Carrier.

Our plans provide both baggage/personal effects and baggage delay benefits. If your baggage is lost, damaged or destroyed during your trip we reimburse you for the actual cash value subject to the plan limits of the items lost, damaged or destroyed.

Under the Baggage Delay Benefit, we reimburse you for the purchase of necessary personal effects when your checked baggage is delayed by an airline for 12 hours or more.

You can cancel and return your plan within the 10 day free look period and receive a complete refund.

You can contact Generali Global Assistance. Assistance coordinators are available 24/7 to help you in emergency situations. The Generali Global Assistance contact information is included in the Plan Document and on your Purchase Confirmation. Services provided by Generali Global Assistance are not insurance.

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